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We appreciate that an illness or accident can happen at any time and for this reason, we recommend that you carry your ID card with you at all times. If you are rushed into hospital in an emergency please make sure that you, a member of the hospital staff, your family, a friend, or a work colleague, contacts us within 2 days of you being admitted to hospital otherwise a co-insurance of 25% of the eligible costs incurred will apply to your claim. Co-insurance does not apply if you are admitted to hospital to receive emergency dental treatment under Section 8, Item 4.

Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for medical emergencies including evacuation and transportation. To obtain pre-authorisation for costs in connection with an emergency admission to hospital or where emergency evacuation and transportation is required please contact us on the following number:
Tel: +44 (0) 1444 44 28 70


If you know in advance that you:
• are planning to be admitted to hospital on either an in-patient or day-care basis, or
• require transportation and ancillary services;

You must first contact us for pre-authorisation before incurring any such expenses otherwise, if you go ahead without our approval, a coinsurance of 25% of the eligible costs incurred will apply to your claim.

If you know in advance that you will need to incur these types of costs, please contact the Worldwide Healthcare Claims Department on:
Tel: +44 (0) 1444 44 28 70 with the following information:
Your full name and date of birth, and
Your policy number, which can be found on the front of your ID card.

This information will help us identify you as an insured person under the Status Worldwide Healthcare Plan. In the case of an admission to hospital, we will liaise with the hospital for a cost estimate and details of what medical treatment is to be carried out. Where eligible, an agreement will be put in place with the hospital to pay the bill on your behalf.


In the unfortunate event of you falling ill and needing to seek medical advice, see your physician in the usual way taking a claim form along with you. You can request a claim form by sending an email to:

Click Here To Download Medical Expenses Claim Form

Click Here To Download Dental Treatment Claim Form

Click Here To Download Maternity Cash Benefit Claim Form

Click Here To Download Pregnancy and Childbirth Claim Form

Click Here To Download Hospital Cash Benefit Claim Form

These documents are in pdf format. You will require Adobe Acrobat to read these. If you do not have this, you can download a FREE copy here.

Please note that any fee that your physician may charge for completing the claim form is your responsibility. If you have any treatment on an out-patient basis such as a consultation or a test, for example an ECG/blood/urine test or x-ray, you should pay the bill yourself and obtain a receipted invoice as you will need to include this with the claim form when you send it in.

Sending in your claim
Once your claim form has been fully completed you should send it to us together with all supporting information and bills. You have the choice of either:

i. Scanning these documents and sending them in to:
If you choose to do this, please ensure that all documents are clearly scanned - do not forget to scan both sides of a document if appropriate.

Please note: If you choose to send your claim to us by email you must still post all of the original documents to us at the given adress below.

ii. Posting the original documents to us at:

Collinson Insurance Services Limited
The IDA Business Park
Co. Meath,

Whichever method you choose to use, we recommend that you keep copies of all documents that you send to us.


• You only need to complete one claim form for each different medical condition, within each period of insurance, regardless as to how many bills you have to send in. If, having submitted your claim form you receive further bills for the same medical condition, just send them in together with an accompanying letter making sure you quote your policy number. Alternatively, take a copy of your original claim form and attach it to any subsequent bills received.

• Please remember that you must submit your claim, together with all invoices, within 6 months (unless agreed by us) of the date of service or treatment, otherwise they will not be considered for reimbursement.

• You must provide us with written details in response to any request for information regarding a claim within 28 days of us asking for it or as soon as reasonably possible thereafter. In certain circumstances, we may ask you to undergo a medical examination which we will pay for. You must provide us with a written statement to substantiate your claim together with (at your own expense) all necessary documentary evidence, information, certificates, receipts and reports that we may reasonably request for you to supply. For example, in addition to a completed claim form, invoices and/or receipts, we may ask for medical reports, test results, prescriptions, medical history and other information pertinent to the treatment being claimed for. In some instances it may also be necessary to request information such as a police report, death certificate, autopsy report and travel itineraries. Failure to provide us with the information we have reasonably requested will result in us being unable to assess your claim.

Where an excess applies to your policy:

• If you have chosen an excess to apply to your policy, it will apply on a per person per period of insurance basis, which means that it will be applied once a year to each insured person. At the start of each period of insurance you are responsible for bearing the eligible costs for any expenses up to the value of your excess - we will pick up the eligible costs thereafter.

• Please remember to send us a completed claim form together with all bills so that we can work out the amount payable once you have incurred eligible costs up to the level of your excess.

• How your claim is refunded is up to you. We can pay you by bank transfer, foreign draft, directly to your credit or debit card or cheque so please make sure to indicate your preferred method on the claim form. We cannot be held responsible for the costs charged by some banks or credit card companies for currency conversion costs.

• For claims made where you have incurred expenses in a currency other than the currency which is operative under your policy, settlement will be calculated using the appropriate exchange rate prevailing at the date of which your treatment took place.

• We may at any time, pay an insured person and/or a service provider our full liability under this policy after which no further liability will attach to us in any respect of or as a consequence of such action.


For any queries regarding your policy you should contact:
Status Medical Insurance Solutions
10 High Street
Essex, CM12 9BQ
Tel: + 44 (0) 203 608 6330
Fax: + 44 (0) 1277 634046