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About Worldwide Healthcare Insurance

Global Healthcare Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Status Worldwide Healthcare was created with the international expatriate lifestyle in mind by providing comprehensive cover that is easy to use across the globe. The quality and availability of healthcare professionals, facilities and treatment can vary greatly around the world. When you and your family are abroad the last thing you should have to worry about is getting access to medical care or not being able to afford it, having the right expat health insurance will help protect you and your family.

Who Is Eligible For Cover?

This product is available to expats across the globe and many local nationals (upon approval). There are cover options available to individuals, families and employee groups.

Status Worldwide Healthcare Gives You The Freedom To Choose What's Right For You...

Needs and budgets vary,and may change over time, our different levels of cover and additional options are designed
with that in mind, from 'budget-friendly' basic cover to our premium executive option.

Here is just a snapshot of the benefits available at the different levels of cover you can choose from....

There are 4 Area of Cover options you can choose from....

There are Supplementary Dental Benefits and Maternity Benefits options you can choose to add to your policy....

Supplementary Dental Benefit

Supplementary Dental Benefits can be purchased as an additional add-on benefit to the 'Basic', 'Standard' or 'Super' levels of cover. These benefits are already included as standard on the 'Executive' level of cover.

Supplementary Dental Benefits include "Routine Dental Treatment", such as: routine examinations,
x-rays, cleaning, fillings, extractions and more and "Major Dental Treatment" such as :root canal treatment, new and repair work for denture and bridge work, orthodontic work in children under
age 19, and more.

Maternity Benefit

Maternity Benefits can be purchased as an add-on benefit to the 'Standard', 'Super', and 'Executive' cover levels (maternity benefits are not available on the 'Basic' level of cover).

Included under the Maternity Benefits cover are: cost of routine pregnacny and childbirth,cover for the pregnacny and childbirth complications, new born hospital accommodation, maternity cash benefit, infertility investigations and more. Please see policy wording for complete details regarding policy limits, co-insurance and wait periods.

There are 3 Currency options you can choose from....

There are 2 Medical Underwriting options you can choose from when applying for cover....

Option 1: Moratorium Underwriting

This enables you to apply without completing a full medical questionnaire. Instead we apply blanket exclusions for any pre-existing medical conditions you have had within the 2 years prior to inception date (extended to 5 years for Cancer and/or Heart related conditions). The moratorium refers to the fact that if, after 2 years of continuous cover under your policy, you have been without symptoms or treatment, consultation, advice (excluding routine check-ups), medication (including injections) or special diet for a pre-existing condition (or any related condition), then should you require subsequent treatment for that condition, you will have cover for it subject to the policy’s terms and conditions and benefit limits.

Option 2: Full Medical Underwriting

You must complete the full medical questionnaire below. Based on the information provided we reserve the right to request additional information from you or your physician, apply exclusions or medical loadings. Should you choose this option the moratorium period of 2 years does not apply and you will have cover for pre-existing conditions as of your start date providing they are declared and accepted. If you apply for a Full Medical Underwriting Policy and are declined on medical grounds, you may re-apply for a Moratorium Underwriting Policy.

International Expat Health Insurance for Groups and Businesses

Meeting the Needs of a Global Wordforce

Status Worldwide Healthcare Group Plan was designed with the international employer in mind.

This policy has the ability to cover multiple staff in multiple countries along with their partners and dependant children and many local nationals (upon approval). Your expat employees have enough to worry about when moving overseas, the right health insurance can ensure access to quality local care wherever they may be located.

Our cover gives a lot of choice so you can mix and match levels of cover and benefits to meet your staff's needs and your budget.

A Quality Healthcare Plan
Can Help Grow and Retain
Happy, Successful Employees

Here Are Some Great Reasons To Join...

  • Reduce Absenteeism & Associated Costs
  • Attract the Best Employees
  • Great Addition to a Benefit Package
  • Available from 3 Employees
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Flexible Range of Options
  • Ability to Cover Partners & Dependants